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Ole Sejer Iversen, Professor, MSO
Rachel Charlotte Smith, Assistant Professor
Kasper Skov Christensen, PhD scholar
Mikkel Hjorth, PhD scholar

Ole Sejer Iversen

Ole Sejer Iversen is a professor in Child Computer Interaction at the Center of Advanced Visualization and Interaction (CAVI), Aarhus University, Denmark. His research focuses on the development of digital technology with and for children. Ole’s research interest lies at the intersection of computer science and cultural-historical psychology with a particular interest in ubiquitous computing for supporting learning practices of children and teenagers.

Email: oiversen[at]


Rachel Charlotte Smith

Rachel is Assistant Professor of Design Anthropology at the Research Centre for Participatory Information Technology (PIT) and Center for Advanced Visualization and Interaction (CAVI) at Aarhus University. Her research focuses on relations between culture, design, and technology, specifically on digital youth cultures and social change through new technologies and participatory design processes. Exploring and developing approaches of research through design, between social anthropology and interaction design, her work involves innovations in digital cultural heritage for museums and use of digital fabrication technologies in educational settings.

Email: rsmith[at]


Kasper Skov Christensen

Kasper is a PhD Scholar with a background in Digital- and Audio Design, with special interests in hacking and hacker spaces. Following the latest trends in digital networks, fabrication and materials, Kasper’s interests lies in how maker and hacker spaces can be brought into children education. In his PhD project, Kasper focuses on how a hacker mindset with its related technological and sociocultural practices, can be brought into children’s education and used to design new technologies. He is particularly interested in designing new “maker” technologies and approaches to spark critical reflection among children, and hacker approaches technology in general.

Email: ksc[at]


Mikkel Hjorth

Mikkel is PhD Scholar at the Research Centre for Participatory Information Technology (PIT) and Center for Advanced Visualization and Interaction (CAVI) at Aarhus University. His PhD focuses on education in and through technology. Specifically, his interests lie within the relationship between technology, student agency and school ecologies. This relationship is investigated in maker settings in upper primary and lower secondary schools from perspectives of design thinking, learning theories and the educational philosophy of bildung.

Mikkel is an associate professor at VIA University College, Department of Teacher Education

Email: mh[at]


Others involved

Rune Veerasawmy, Post Doc., Centre for Participatory IT (PIT). He does research within interaction design, participatory design processes and user experiences. Particularly he explores school teachers’ competences when teaching and facilitating design processes, design thinking, and innovation with digital fabrication in the context of Danish primary schools.

Camillia Sønderskov, MA, Social Antropology