Child Computer Interaction Group
Dept. of Communication and Culture
University of Aarhus
Helsingforsgade 14
DK-8200 Aarhus N
Webdesign: Lower East
Programming: Ricoland

Digital Burial Mound


The digital burial mound is a 2x3m custom-made table with a 10 cm deep surface of fine sand. The table is decorated with stones to connote a burial mound. The table is accessible from four sites and multiple users can interact with the installation simultaneously. Different authentic archeology digging devices are accessible by the table encouraging audiences to participate in unearthing the burial mound. When a museum guest stumbles upon a spot in the sand in which a digital object such as an earring, a comb or a belt buckle from the bog body is located, a projection of the entire bog body appears for a few seconds on the sand surface.

The object that was unearthed is highlighted in relation to the bog body providing some hints to the audiences as the location of other related objects. When a digital object is uncovered, the object slides from the sand surface to a LED display placed in front of the burial mound. Here, three different stories about the object are displayed. The visitor is encouraged to choose among the three different stories relating to the bog find; one is narrative and proposes how the object might have been significant in the young girls life, one is related to more general aspects of the Bronze Age, and one is related to the properties of the object itself. By choosing among the different stories related to the different objects unearthed in the burial mound, visitors create a unique story, mixing facts and narrative, which can be printed out for further investigation and discussion.

Museum Sønderjylland Alexandra Institute, Redia, Aarhus University, DUL.





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