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Rune table


Among Moesgaard’s large collection of cultural heritage objects is a selection of rune stones from various parts of Denmark that have been on display for several years. Our research team created an interactive installation, the RuneTable, that experimented with linking museum knowledge about runes with the everyday lives of a younger audience. The RuneTable reflects a trend of allowing museum visitors to be active participants and even contributors to the exhibition space, in this case by erecting their own rune stones and expressing their emotions in writing on them [16].

The RuneTable installation allows visitors to create and decorate their own rune stone and place it in a digital landscape alongside rune stones that other visitors have created, see Figure 1c. The installation consists of a 165x135cm interactive table with two touchscreen input stations at the end. The table shows a map, where particular features are highlighted: cities, large roads, forests etc. Visitors create their own rune stone by picking up one of the small wooden model rune stones found around the table and placing it in the back lit holder besides the input station. When a model stone is placed in the holder, the input station guides the visitor through the process of choosing what to write on the stone and how to decorate it. When the stone is done, the visitor can pick up the stone from the holder and place it anywhere on the map. When the model stone is placed on the map, a counter indicates that the stone is about to be placed at this particular spot a few second (if the stone is not moved to another location on the map) a digital representation of the stone is shown on the map. Visitors could use a model magnifying glass to explore the content and placement of the stones created by other visitors.

Aarhus University, Digital Urban Living, Moesgåard Museum, Redia



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