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Time Reflections


The TimeReflection installation was developed and evaluated as part of the Digital Urban Living research initiative that studied new ways of engaging with cultural heritage through digital technology. In collaboration with the Aarhus Century Festival which is a recurring cultural event in the city of Aarhus Denmark, we explored how teenagers who would usually refrain from cultural heritage matters could be encourage to participate in some of the Century Festival’s 200 theme events during march 2012.

The theme of the Century festival was ‘Great Discoveries, The Mob and Powdered Wigs’ which was some of the hallmarks of the 18thcentury in Denmark.

The installation was set up in “Bruuns Galleri”, a shopping mall in three floors with roughly 100 stores and restaurants and an estimated 10.000 daily visitors. We had secured the rights to use a small area for setting up our installation, strategically located near one of the main transit areas. The installation ran for fourteen full days, following the opening and closing hours of the stores of the centre, meaning roughly 10-18 every day. During this period of time the installation had an estimated 2500 visitors trying it out or watching others play, and a number of bystanders – it was seldom unoccupied during the entire period of time. Obviously not all of them were teenagers – an estimated 15-20% (judging by the video material) were above the targeted age, while about the same percentage were very small children. Here we focus on the main body of users, the teenagers.

18th Century Festival, Alexandra Institute, Aarhus University, Digital Urban Living




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